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The real journal website is now up

April 3, 2010

The Narrogin Feuding Families article is now up on the new journal site, with all of its references and its exegesis, so click through to see how the journal presents papers.

The content management system that the new journal is running on is Berkley University’s BePress Digital Commons system. It’s smooth and elegant and custom built for academic journal publishing. It’s cool features include nice mechanisms for managing peer reviews and for keeping track of submissions. The URL of the journal website is

Over the next few days we’ll be finalising the policies text on the journal site, so in the meantime keep reading the writers’ guidelines from this site and ask questions if you see any discrepancies or anything confusing.

Now that the journal site is up, we are able to take submissions. All new Research Journalism writers need to do is go to the journal site and click the Submit Article link from the right hand menu. It will ask you to create an account and then to follow a series of prompts. Once your article is submitted, the sytem will notify the editor and it will roll from there.

If you are hoping parts of your academic article will be published in mainstream media, or if it needs a fast turn-around, please make that clear in the accompanying letter that it will ask you for. Articles can be published on the Research Journalism site as soon as they are clear of the peer review process.

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